Surah Ar-Rahman is a powerful wake-up call addressing all kinds of people, especially those exercising various degrees of disbelief. When it was revealed in Mecca, explains Nouman Ali Khan, Allah was talking specifically to the Quraish, who, despite having the greatest messenger, speaking to them in their own tongue, continued to mock and attack Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and desecrate the House of Allah. Yet even though Allah is angry at their consistent denial of all the incredible things their master has done for them, He addresses them as “ar-rahman”, the quintessence of mercy itself. This great surah is a reminder of our place in front of Allah. One day we shall perish without a trace while He, who owns glory and dignity, shall prevail. It is a reminder that our need for Him goes beyond petty, conscious requests for worldly things but that every breath we take and every heartbeat is a manifestation of his loving and caring mercy. Our ingratitude and forgetfulness of Allah’s gifts is the work of shaytan, the enemy in our invisible spiritual war, who can only be defeated through constant gratitude and remembrance of our master.