The Glorious Quran

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The Glorious Quran Word-for-Word Translation,
Ilannoor Editorial Committee,
Language: English

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Unlock the depths of the Quran’s wisdom with this literal and explicit English translation. If you’re reading or listening to the Quran without full comprehension, this translation is your key to understanding. Just like a child learning a language, embark on a journey of comprehension. It includes:

a. Word-for-Word Translation
b. A Brief Journey through Arabic Grammar
c. Methodology of Learning to Understand Quran

With global-standard book quality in paper, printing, binding, typeset, cover design, and more, this Glorious Quran with Word-for-Word Translation is a must-have for every Muslim household.

The Glorious Quran: A Must-Have for English Speakers

While numerous translations of the Quran’s meanings exist, they often fail to connect the Arabic words to their inherent meanings. The Glorious Quran Word-for-Word Translation stands as a unique and invaluable resource, specifically designed to facilitate learning the language of the Quran. Unlike other word-for-word translations, this edition adopts a distinct format that enhances comprehension and fosters a deeper connection with the Quran’s divine message.

Key Benefits of The Glorious Quran Word-for-Word Translation:

Effortless Understanding: Each Arabic word is accompanied by its corresponding meaning, providing a seamless pathway to understanding the Quran’s verses.
Authentic Translation: The translation remains faithful to the Arabic text, preserving the Quran’s essence and nuances.
Language Learning Companion: The translation serves as an effective tool for learning Arabic, allowing readers to grasp the language’s structure and vocabulary.
Convenient Recitation Aid: The layout facilitates regular recitation, enabling constant revision and memorization.

Embrace The Glorious Quran Richness

The Glorious Quran Word-for-Word Translation is an indispensable companion for those seeking a deeper understanding of the Quran. With its clear explanations, grammatical insights, and practical learning methodology, this edition empowers readers to unlock the Quran’s treasures and cultivate a profound connection with its timeless guidance.