Rainbow Quran – Pink

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This is a beautiful gift idea for all Muslims; an original copy of the Holy Quran in the Rainbow color design. Rainbow Quran is Holy Book Quran with colorful pages with different color in each juz. Arabic Text of Rainbow Quran is same with other Quran or Quran in your Home and Mosque, No Modification for Arabic Text (Original). Different with other Quran is only on color of pages, Other Quran color pages only 1 color (White), Rainbow Quran colour pages is colorful with many colors each juz. Rainbow Quran have 30 Juz and 114 Surah with 13 lines. Colour shade may vary according to different screen resolutions. Why it called Rainbow Quran? If you start open Rainbow Quran you will be surprise, you will see very beautiful Quran with colorful page and different color like Rainbow, its very beautiful. That’s Why Called Rainbow Quran or Holy Quran Rainbow.

Height- 25cm x Width-19cm
Size: Large
Binding: Hardback
Dimension: 9.5*7.5 inches
Language: Arabic
Publisher: Farid Book Depot

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